Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Plug-in Night Night - Therapeutic & Air Purifying - UK/USA/EU Plugs Available

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A natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Plug-in Night Light. A stunning and naturally healthy way to light the hallways or bedrooms in your home.

Salt lamps trap harmful positive ions and release negative ions, ionising the air and environment which clears the electric smog of modern life that appears within your home. This provides a therapeutic effect, which leaves you healthy, happier and with a stress free mentality and soul.

In addition Salt Lamps can provide can help alleviate many respiratory medical conditions & allergies. 

This Salt Lamp contains a bulb. It plugs directly into a plug socket, please ensure you select the correct model (we offer USA, UK or EU plug options)

Please note - due to the fact that each of these lamps is hand carved out of Himalayan Salt Rock, the shape and colour may differ slightly from the picture on this listing.