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Himalayan Salt Lamps - Natures Air Purifier

Himalayan Salt Lamps are truly nature's natural air purifier. In this modern world of Wi-Fi, electricity & mobile phones, not only do we have traditional air pollution to contend with, but also the electromagnetic pollutions from all the individual radio waves that clog up the air. Himalayan Salt Lamps tackle both types of contamients from the air. They purify traditional dirt and smog (such as pollution, dust and cigarette smoke) by trapping these molecules which is drawn in by the salt rock, then when the water evaporates again, the polutant stays within the rock salt. They also emite helpful negative...

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Welcome to Soul Love Mind!

Hello you wonderful human, and welcome to the place where you can find the greatest spiritual products to help achieve a zen calmness of your soul, body & mind. We have sourced beautiful hand crafted products from all over the world just for you! Feel free to take your time to browse through our range of amazing products, which include Salt Lamps, Chakra Stones, Reiki Stones, Chakra Singing Bowls, Dreamcatchers, Tarot Cards and lots of other spiritual accessories. Namaste fellow spiritual soul, and we extend a loving welcome to our store. If you have any questions at all, please don't...

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